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22 03, 2016

Favorite Video Resources

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Of course YouTube is like a time warp.  Once you enter, seemingly hours can pass while clicking around and exploring the myriad of videos – both useful and not – that seem to pop up in the watch next feed.  So……. It’s pretty easy to get distracted!

Here are a couple of really useful VIDEO RESOURCES that relate to our custom sewn drapery and stage backdrops.



A sniffer (aka snifter) kabuki drape effect is produced when a large drapery element is “magically” pulled up and disappears above the stage. This effect can be produced with ropes and pulleys, or more modern methodologies including fast speed motors. It is a combination effect – the drapes must be “kabukied” first from solenoids before they can be extracted up into the grid.

Your exclusive Sniffer effect team:;

View the video here:

Need some help with Pipe and Drape assembly?

It’s so simple! Pipe and drape packages are extremely versatile and can be used for a variety of events. Exhibits and conventions make use of these systems for portable custom trade show displays. Churches and other small organizations often utilize pipe and drape to create hallways and barriers. Or pipe and drape can add that finishing touch of flare around a live performance.

They can help your trade show exhibits and drapes make a powerful first impression. By selecting appropriate drapery panels, you can create a custom partition system that will either blend tastefully with your existing decor or give your event a colorful and competitive edge.

Watch our tutorial of Custom Pipe and Drape Setup and Uses by Sew What? Inc and Rent What? Inc.

Curious how our Portable Pop Up Dressing Rooms assemble?

Want to see if one of these on site changing spaces is right for your event?  You are going to love the convenience of our portable pop up rooms. Use them to create tech spaces, or as dressing rooms. Gang them together to make a green room. They are quick and easy to set up and travel conveniently in a roadworthy wheeled case.

Famous Friends who have rented our portable dressing rooms: We’ve dressed the best – Usher, Trey Songz, Jonas Brothers, AR Rahman, Foreigner and many many more artists and bands!  Here is a fun and fast look at the assembly process:  Easy as 1-2-3

17 03, 2016

Add Drama to Your Event with Tension Fabric Shapes

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What are tension fabric shapes?  Also known as Tension Fabric Structures, they are geometric shapes (triangles, squares, rectangles, stars, etc.) made from a stretch fabric such as Cambio!

The most simple tension fabric shapes are two-dimensional and frameless.  With these stretch shapes (we offer a number of stock shapes), the shapes are hemmed on all sides, with reinforced grommets placed at the corners or points.  The shape is then displayed by hanging from a batten or truss and then tensioning the sides (by attaching to the side of the proscenium or a moveable upright) and/or bottom (by attaching to sandbags or directly to the stage floor or the back of the stage deck), often with clear monofilament (fishing line).  Below is a great example of frameless tension fabric shapes being used as decor at a wedding reception designed by Details Ottawa – quite dramatic, don’t you think?

Bridal Table

In addition to hanging tension fabric shapes, tension fabric shapes are also made by combining stretch fabric with metal frames in either two-dimensional or three-dimensional configurations.  This creates a stretch shape that can be easily moved to a variety of locations onstage without having to worry about attaching the piece to the stage itself.  Two- and three-dimensional metal shapes are manufactured by a company specializing in metalwork.  Sew What? can then make custom stretch pieces to fit the frames.   The fabric shapes are attached to the frames using Velcro™ (loop sewn to the perimeter of the shapes, and then adhesive hook attached to the frame).  With targeted lighting, the customer is able to create a variety of interesting looks to provide a backdrop to the show.

15 03, 2016

Tour Ready and Road Worthy

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Rent What? Inc offering “Hang and Go” Arena Masking.

Having a drapery rental source that actually understands the touring and special event marketplace is a must for any production. It’s not enough to just get a hamper full of mis-matched drapery inventory – or worse yet be struggling with quality concerns when you have older drapery that might not pass muster with the onsite Fire Marshal.

We have an enormous selection of rental masking drapery that is ready to rock and roll.

-Sewn flat, vertically seamed, unlined
-Top: durable webbing with grommets and ties
-Sides: durably hemmed
-Bottom: 6″ durable hem and encapsulated chain weights.

-Supplied with appropriate Flame Certificates to National US standards NFPA 701. California and NYC Certifications also available upon request.

DFR Encore Velour is a stage curtain fabric that combines the rich look of velour with inherent flame resistance. For durability and longevity of draperies, this fabric is by far the best product on the market. We choose the 15oz Encore Velour for all our black masking rental inventory.



Questions about masking drape sizes, Kabuki drapes or flame retardant drapery?

Whether you need borders to mask a lighting truss, or drapes to mask off an arena, our expert sales staff is available to answer your questions, discuss your drapery rental needs and walk you through the ordering process. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions of for a quote if you are looking to see how I prices compare with your local suppliers.  Give us a try!


9 03, 2016

Add Texture and Depth with Metal Mesh Rental Drapes

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If you are looking for a unique, stunning, and incredibly versatile drape for your next event, show, concert, stage production, or trade show, consider renting a Metal Mesh drape. These drapes can be used in almost any capacity, and have been rented for everything from major concert tours and community church productions to television series to conferences looking for something extra special to dazzle up their stage.

Because these rental drapes are available in multiple sizes, they can be used either as a large backdrop, or more popular lately, as several narrower panels. The metal mesh material is wonderful for creating a lot of depth and texture to the show or event decor. Also, due to the wonderfully reflective and crinkly texture of these lightweight drapes, it is amazing how their appearance can be changed based on the lighting design, as shown in this photo highlighting the innovative lighting design of Anne Militello for the Decemberists tour.

INDTEX_Decembrists mesh 1

Even without any special lighting, the unique texture of these drapes means that they are still beautiful even with a basic lighting scheme. By using the metal mesh as a large single backdrop (as shown below behind artist Chris Cornell), you can create almost any type of look or feel you are going for, and that they complement almost any type of stage design.

INDTEX_Chris Cornell mesh 1

And by using it as narrower panels, you can make some very cool and unique production design by creating “negative space” effects that would otherwise go unnoticed.


Next time you are looking for something completely new and fresh for your event, consider renting some Metal Mesh drapes from us—and you’ll see that they will become an absolute hit!

7 03, 2016

Renting Pipe and Drape

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Of course you know that at Sew What? Inc we offer pipe and drape for sale, which can be used in convention booth designs and trade show exhibits………….. but did you know that we also RENT this versatile product?

If you are looking for a low cost approach and only need the gear for a week or few………. Then consider renting this portable drapery product – choose from lots of A La Carte pipe and drape elements all available from Rent What?

  • Adjustable Uprights in a variety of sizes
  • Bases in a variety of weights
  • Drape Supports and Cross Bars
  • Black and Colored Velour Drapes in a variety of heights
  • Wheeled Dollys and Carts for portability

PD_WestTec Student Services Center

Here’s why we love the idea of renting pipe and base:

Our rental inventory of premium 15oz Encore or 8oz Super-Vel pocket-top drapes are in top condition. By renting, you can have the flexibility of one color for one show and another color for the next. No commitment.  No cleaning, folding, or storing, and no managing your flammability certificates. Rental drapery is supplied clean and folded and with all the required certifications – so if you only have limited use, why buy?

Drapery panels come in standard 5’w and 15′ wide panels, sewn flat with versatile pocket tops. Heights up to 20′ and many colors available – we are ready to dress your booth or event to impress.


“Road Ready” Pipe & Base Rentals That Perform:

For an economical and portable masking solution, use our single width drapery panels with our pipe and base hardware system. Consider masking out the perimeter of your event space, creating a series of booths or displaying a backdrop or banner. We welcome any questions about your own Pipe and Drape rental needs – just contact us!

Want to see how easy it is to use?  Watch this fun and fast instructional video: